When Your Tutor Thinks He Knows More Than You

When Your Tutor Thinks He Knows More Than You

I so much love this “When Your Tutor or Teacher thinks he knows more than you”. reaching here would remind you of your past experiences in schools, whereby your teacher would ask you to compose anything about yourself, your family or your dog, and at the end of everything you’ll be scoring 2 out of 100.

My question is this, “Does your tutor really knows more than you?”, let’s take for instance, you’re asked to write a composition about yourself then after you submitted you’re marked 2 out of 100, that’s so funny.

Okay, it happens while I was in school and my tutor asked me to write composition about my Dog, then after I submitted my composition, she scored me 40 out of 100 marks.

I was so surprised to see such report, because all I wrote about my Dog was correct, but anyway I keep it to myself because I believe my teacher think she knows my dog more than me.